Commonly-used American Slang – Page 18

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Click the button to see the meaning.spudDo you want rice or spuds for dinner?
squareMy father looks square in his jacket.
steamed upDon’t get so steamed up over the issue.
stinkThis whole operation stinks.
straightI want you to give me a straight answer.
stressedI am really stressed by all the recent world events.
suckerDon’t be a sucker.
take a hikeI am tired of all your complaining. Take a hike.
takenHe was taken for all his money at the casino.
taking care of businessI have been taking care of business.
threadsThose look like expensive threads he is wearing.
tool aroundI don’t want to tool around all night. It is time to go home.
totaledMy car was totaled in the accident with the garbage truck.

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