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PLEASE WATCH: An Important Message about the Future of Catholic Education


The Lord be with you!

I’m Deacon Keith Fournier, Dean and Chaplain of Catholic Online School, and I want to thank you for coming to this page. I believe that the Holy Spirit has connected us today because I have an important message to share with you about the future of Catholic education.

People are complaining every day about the state of our culture.

We worry how will we teach the generation the truths of the Catholic faith.

What can you and I do?Well…

I have an answer… and I think you will enjoy this good news.

Please watch this short video above (it’s about 2 minutes), and thank you for your attention.

Your support changes lives and improves the world. Thank you for being part of bringing a world-class Catholic education to people everywhere.

Thank you and May God bless you and your Family,

Deacon Keith
Dean and Chaplain, Catholic Online School

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Where your donation goes

More Catholic classes – Every month, Deacon Keith and YCVF uploads over 50 new Catholic classes on theology, the saints, Church history, and morality. With your support, we will be able to increase this and offer even more Catholic content.

More Catholic teachers – As the number of classes increases, we will need more teachers to teach over 100,000 student enrollments at Catholic Online School. You support allows us to have the best teachers for our students, offering them a world-class and FREE Catholic education.

Proclaim the Gospel to the ends of the earth – Our ability to reach people in all parts of the world is done with the technology we use. Your support allows us to make sure the Daily Readings, Catholic Online School, and Prayer Requests can be reached by everyone, wherever they are in the world.

I am thankful that Catholic Online School is provided for free, and I will continue to donate monthly to ensure that others will have the wonderful opportunity that I did.

— Katie B.

The course ‘Prayers 1-5’ provides basic understanding of important prayers. I learned prayer to St Anthony , which I didn’t know before.

— Christine S.

My family is so excited. Finally, some awesome video and even student study guides all for Free. My children and grandchildren can watch Catholic educational videos. Thank you Catholic Online School.

— Wendy C.

The Secret Message of Our Lady of Fatima – Lesson 1 – The Children. The lesson plan is excellent, The video is student friendly, detailed yet simplistic in explanation, The quiz is logical. I am glad to see a transcript included.

— Charlene P.

Thank you! I think it is great that the church is doing more online with education and reaching out to youth. It is essential. I recently saw that Jehovas Witnesses have a website and web videos on many topics that are relevant to kids and adolescents that a friend showed me and I thought wow this is so easy to access and a great tool. Their format is really well done. I thought wow the Catholic church should do something similar. It would be a powerful tool to have for kids and parents. Glad the church is starting to do more of this.

— Liz

All Saints’ Day – Thank you for the refresher in All Saints’ Day! It was a good to have the basic information of it again. 5 Stars.

— Angela K.


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