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Legal and

Regulatory Documents

Fund Facts

The Fund Facts documents highlight key information about each available series of a fund, including, the performance history, risk ranking, investor suitability and the cost of buying and owning a fund.

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Terms & Conditions

Simplified Prospectus

Annual Information Form

Financial Reports

Semi-annual financial statements

Annual financial statements

Annual and Semi-Annual Reports Request

In the future, if you would like to be mailed a printed copy of the Annual and/or Semi-Annual Financial Statements and/or Management Reports of Fund Performance (MRFPs) for the BMO Mutual Funds that you own, please either:

  • Call the BMO Investment Centre at 1-800-665-7700, or

  • Complete the request form at the end of the
    BMO Investments Inc. Terms and Conditions and return by mail or fax (instructions available within the form), or drop off at your nearest branch.

Quarterly portfolio disclosure (QPD)

A quarterly report which contains a breakdown of each fund’s investment portfolio – the top 25 holdings of the fund and the total net asset value of the fund as at the end of the period shown.

The management report of fund performance (MRFP)

Annual and semi-annual fund-specific reports that provide an overview of the position and financial results for the fund, including a management discussion of fund performance; a summary of related party transactions; financial highlights; past performance, and a summary of portfolio holdings as at the end of the relevant period.

Annual MRFP

Semi-Annual MRFP

Proxy voting records

An overview of how voting rights were exercised on behalf of each fund that held voting securities

Other important information

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