Top 10 Hotels in Johannesburg, South Africa

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Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa, capital of the province of Gauteng. It is a unique place that embodies all the hopes for this nation – a city that has been in a state of transformation for decades. The results are exciting and tourist-friendly, epitomized by neighborhoods like the Inner City, an area that was once a “no-go zone” and is now home to Maboneng, a hip urban neighborhood. It is a center for wealth, commerce and culture with many art galleries and museums to explore and a reputation for a sizzling night life – birthplace of legendary South African house music and the night clubs and DJs that spawned it. Johannesburg, Jo’burg (or Joburg) or Jozi is also called The City of Gold in reference to the gold mines to the north. For travelers, it is also still an affordable city as compared to many of the world’s cosmopolitan urban centers. We’ve partnered with the finest Johannesburg hotels to give you a great selection to choose from. Add easy online booking and reliable reviews from real customers and is the obvious choice.

What is Johannesburg Like?Whether outdoors or indoors, Johannesburg welcomes visitors to its many attractions. Culture lovers will want to head to Newton or Braamfontein, home to art galleries, theaters, shops and cafés. Sandton is the center for financial services and media and home to many upscale restaurants and night clubs. Youthful hipster neighborhoods abound, with plenty of dining and shopping options along with a selection of Johannesburg hotels, include Melville and Rosebank, while Greenville is known for a more Bohemian scene. Outdoor activities include photo safaris, birdwatching and fishing. The Johannesburg Zoo offers a chance to experience the area’s wildlife and the Johannesburg Lion Park lets visitors drive up to observe the king of the jungle in his natural habitat. The city is home to several world renowned fashion designers and there are exciting shopping opportunities to be had. The historic Globe Theater first opened its doors in the 1890’s, one of many unique arts venues in the city. Night clubs range from cozy to sleek and very contemporary, with many clubs offering live music.

How to Get Along with Locals in JohannesburgLike the people of many southern locales, the pace of life in Johannesburg is known to be relaxed. Traffic congestion is often an issue in Johannesburg and its suburbs and travelers are advised to allow for plenty of time to get to their destinations. Public transit is often not a feasible option and taxis or a car service are a must. Travelers are advised to take common sense precautions when venturing out at night or far beyond their hotels. Visitors will find local people friendly and unpretentious, eager to share their optimism for the city and its future with newcomers. The best place to connect are live music venues and night clubs. Joburg is a sprawling metropolis of over 3 million people, with a diverse population and a wide gap between the rich and poor. While the city is moving beyond its past, the best way to understand it and its people is to learn about its history. The city – and country’s – histories are on display in many landmarks, including two on Vilakazi Street in Soweto – home at one time to both Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. makes it easy to explore all that this fascinating city has to offer with a great selection of Johannesburg hotels.


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